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Things To Know Before Buying Sandalwood Perfume

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Sandalwood essential oil is known for its earthy, woodsy scent. It's a common ingredient in a lot of perfumes and body sprays. So, if you browse the selection of perfumes at a scent store, there is a very good chance you'll come across a few that contain sandalwood, such as Les Deux Fragrances. Here are a few key things you should know before purchasing one of these perfumes.

It's often paired with cedarwood.

Sandalwood's fragrance, despite being really woodsy and earthy, is pretty light. Some might say it has a citrus quality to it. As such, it often needs to be balanced out by deeper, woodsier scents. Cedarwood, in particular, is often blended with sandalwood in perfumes. When the two scents are combined, they have a "fuller" aroma than either scent has on its own. If you want to compare, look for a sandalwood perfume with cedarwood, and one without cedarwood. Smell one after the other, and note the differences.

A little goes a long way. 

Sandalwood perfumes have a pretty potent scent. They are a lot stronger, drop for drop, than a citrus-based perfume or a floral one. Keep this in mind when buying your sandalwood perfume. A 50 mL bottle, for example, may seem like a lot. But you have to use such a small amount of this perfume that your 50 mL will last a lot longer than you'd think.

The scent lingers on clothing and accessories.

This is a perfume you want to dedicate yourself to using, exclusively, for a period of time. Or, you will want to note what clothing you have worn it in and keep wearing the same sandalwood perfume with that clothing. This is because the sandalwood scent really lingers on clothes and accessories. If you wear an item with sandalwood perfume and put it on a week later, that item will still have a pretty noticeable scent.

The scent is considered eco-friendly and sustainable.

Some scents are ethically questionable because of the way they are obtained. But sandalwood-based perfumes are generally pretty eco-friendly and sustainable. After all, this scent just comes from wood. It does not have animal product origins and does not need to be grown with a lot of pesticides and other chemicals.

Sandalwood perfume is quite easy to find, and it has a lot of advantages. If you find that you like this scent, it might be one you want to stick with over the years.


16 August 2022