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Why Invest In Large Elite Shungite Stones?

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Elite shungite is a stone meant to be beneficial in many ways and is even stronger than traditional shungite. Beautiful in its stunning black composition, you can buy large elite shungite stones just to use as decoration around the house — in flower pots or to use as bookends, for example — or you can use these stones for their believed healing and other uses.

You can buy large elite shungite stones at your local rock shop, online, or via a natural health practitioner. The larger the stone, the more you'll pay, but there are reasons to make this investment anyway.

Elite shungite has beneficial properties

Elite shungite is made of mainly carbon, allowing the stone itself to have many beneficial properties regarding antibacterial and detoxifying uses. The larger the stone, the more of these properties the stone has, and the more you can use this stone for a variety of purposes. Even if your only intent is to display the stone among other pretty or beneficial stones you have, large elite shungite stones won't disappoint. The stones will help purify the air and keep the air you breathe clean and healthy.

Elite shungite helps reduce EMF exposure

Electromagnetic fields, or EMF, are regularly released from many devices you use, from your laptop to your cell phone to your television. If you want to protect yourself against EMF, then investing in large elite shungite stones could help you do this naturally.

Some believe that EMF exposure, particularly on the long term, can attribute to cancer and other health conditions, including fatigue, nausea, ringing in your ear, and even more dangerous side effects. If you're worried about this, then place large elite shungite stones near any device that has a low or high EMF emission, and even include one in your vehicle to help keep you safe.

Elite shungite can help you internally

The high carbon properties in elite shungite can make it ideal for helping to treat or ward off bacteria in the body. You can drink water that has been infused by large elite shungite stones to give you all-over hydration and cleansing. Your natural health practitioner can show you how elite shungite can be potentially healthy for you as an addition to your everyday health routine, not a replacement.

Large elite shungite stones have many uses in and around the home. They can even help keep odor away, so store one near a litter box or garbage can for extra-clean air and greater peace of mind.


17 September 2021