Shopping for a New Baby

In a few, short months, my sweet spouse and I will welcome a beautiful baby into our home. If your family will be expanding soon, consider purchasing some baby essentials sooner rather than later. For instance, you should shop early for a car seat, crib, high chair, baby monitor, and changing table. You might also wish to shop for a stylish tote to put bottles, diapers, and other items in when you leave home with your baby. Obviously, you’ll want to buy cute, comfortable outfits for your little one to wear. On this blog, I hope you will discover ingenious tips to help you shop for your unborn baby. Enjoy!

Thermal Cameras And Their Everyday Uses


Technology is taking us to new places every day, and some of the coolest things that continues to develop are the thermal imaging cameras that are being used in so many different ways. While you may not need one in your home, the tech behind these cameras may be in use around you without you even realizing it. 

Law Enforcement Uses

Law enforcement agencies use thermal cameras for many things, but most often, they are used to track a person or search for someone lost or hiding in an area. The camera can be mounted on a helicopter to light aircraft and then used to scan a city from above and guide law enforcement to a fleeing criminal, a stranded or injured hiker, or a lost child.  The camera screen will display the heat signature in a very recognizable form, and a trained pilot can pick it out very quickly, even on a dark night or in poor weather conditions.

Fire and Rescue Uses

Firefighters and rescue personnel often use thermal images cameras in their work.  The ability to detect heat behind a wall is beneficial to firefighters looking for a fire that has spread in a building. The camera can also be used to find a fire inside a smoldering building that is filled with black smoke and offers little visibility. The camera is used to scan the room until the heat signature is located and the firefighters can then advance on the fire, using the camera as a guide until they reach the origin point. 

Search and Rescue Uses

Search teams may need to locate someone deep in the woods, on a mountain, or in other remote areas. The thermal camera allows them to scan the search area from the air, looking for the victim. In some cases, the person they are looking for may have extensive injuries and getting them out and to a trauma center is critical. If the thermal camera can speed up the search and help searchers find the victim, it can increase their chances of surviving.

Heat and Cold

Thermal cameras are not only good for finding hot things, but they can also be used to detect extreme cold temperatures. If the camera is adjusted correctly, the ambient temperature will show up on the screen, and the cold spots will appear very dark or almost black. While these cameras are not typically used this way, they do have the ability to detect the cold and could be an excellent tool for finding things like nitrogen leaks and other cold features that you are seeking.


25 December 2018