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In a few, short months, my sweet spouse and I will welcome a beautiful baby into our home. If your family will be expanding soon, consider purchasing some baby essentials sooner rather than later. For instance, you should shop early for a car seat, crib, high chair, baby monitor, and changing table. You might also wish to shop for a stylish tote to put bottles, diapers, and other items in when you leave home with your baby. Obviously, you’ll want to buy cute, comfortable outfits for your little one to wear. On this blog, I hope you will discover ingenious tips to help you shop for your unborn baby. Enjoy!

Tips For Properly Caring For Your Area Rugs

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Area rugs are a great addition to any home. Not only do they look beautiful and add to the visual appeal of a home, they also protect your flooring from scratches and wear and tear from foot traffic and heavy furniture. High quality area rugs are not cheap, but they are a good investment. However, if you're going to spend money on one or more area rugs, it is important to know how to care for them so they can remain in great condition for many years to come. Use the following tips to care for area rugs, like those from Carpet Discount Warehouse.

Vacuum Regularly

Just like normal carpeting, area rugs need to be vacuumed regularly to remove dirt, dust, and other debris from the fibers. Pay attention to the pile height of your area rug; it may be necessary to adjust your vacuum so it sits lower to the ground and can properly clean the rug. It is a good idea to vacuum your area rugs a couple of times a week, but rugs that are in very high traffic areas may need to be vacuumed more regularly. 

Clean Up Spills Quickly

In the event that anything spills on an area rug in your home, it is essential to clean up the spill as quickly as possible to prevent staining or damage to the rub fibers. Use a clean, dry white cloth to soak up as much of the spilled liquid as you can. You can then use warm water to rinse away the spill, and use another dry cloth to dry the area. If you spill something dark in color, such as red wine, you may also want to use a cleaner specifically designed to be used on area rugs.

Don't Forget to Rotate

One of the most important things you can do to keep your area rugs in good shape is rotate them on a regular basis. If you don't rotate your rugs, some areas will become worn or discolored due to regular foot traffic. Rotating the rugs in your house helps ensure that all areas of the rug receive equal traffic, so the rug will have a uniform look and will last longer. Rugs in high-traffic areas should be rotated more often.

Professional Cleaning

Even with regular vacuuming, area rugs still need to be deep cleaned. Since rug fibers can be quite delicate, it is in your best interest to have area rugs cleaned by a professional. Never make the mistake of trying to use a carpet cleaner machine yourself to clean the rugs in your home, as doing so could lead to discoloration, fiber shrinkage, or other damage that could ruin your rug.  


1 September 2018