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Tips For Choosing A Fire Extinguisher For Your Kitchen

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A fire can break out any place in your home, but the kitchen is especially vulnerable. It's a good idea to keep fire extinguishers within easy reach somewhere in your kitchen so you can stop a fire before it spreads. Here are a few tips for choosing a good kitchen fire extinguisher.

Choose A Multipurpose Extinguisher

Some extinguishers are made for specific types of fires. If the extinguisher has water inside it, you wouldn't want to use it on an electrical fire. The easiest solution is to buy a fire extinguisher that has an ABC rating. That means it can be used on most types of fires you're likely to encounter in your kitchen. It works on flammable liquids, electrical fires, burning paper, wood, or cloth. An ABC extinguisher spreads a dry chemical over the fire that smothers the chain reaction that keeps the fire burning. One of these is not suitable for chemical fires or grease fires. Since you may encounter a grease fire in your kitchen, it's a good idea to support an ABC extinguisher with a class K extinguisher for full protection.

Add A Kitchen Fire Extinguisher

Commercial kitchens are required to have a class K fire extinguisher on hand to put out grease and oil fires. It's also a good idea to have one of these in your home kitchen. The class K extinguisher puts out a grease fire by covering it with a dry or wet chemical compound that creates foam when mixed with oil. The foam smothers the fire to put it out. The wet chemical models work best for vegetable oil fires, so one of those is a good choice for a home kitchen. These work just like a traditional extinguisher or you can buy small ones that attach to a range hood and release the chemical automatically when fire is detected.

Choose Smaller Extinguishers For The Kitchen

When a fire breaks out in your kitchen, you want to grab an extinguisher and get the flames out quickly. A smaller unit is easier to handle and may allow you to get a fire under control faster. Plus, when you mount the units on the wall, they won't take up much space if you buy a smaller tank. You may not want to have a large tank on a kitchen wall, and this may cause you to put the extinguisher in a cabinet instead. It's better to keep the tank when you can reach it fast, so the flames are out before they can grow large enough to do damage to your home. The K extinguishers are available in extra-small sizes so you can distinguish it from an ABC model at a glance.

Smaller extinguishers may be suitable for a kitchen so you can grab one while you're working, but it's still a good idea to have full-size fire extinguishers for the rest of your home. If a kitchen fire gets out of a hand, or if you find a fire burning elsewhere, you want large extinguishers in your home to handle the emergency. Contact a service, like VICTOR FIRE PROTECTION, for more help.


27 August 2017