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3 Things To Do Before Getting Your Coins Appraised

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Many people collect coins. These objects have both monetary and historical value, making them interesting items to collect. If you are looking to have an appraiser tell you the value of the coins in your collection, it's important that you are prepared for the appraisal process in order to maximize their value.

Here are three things that you should do before you take your coins to be appraised.

1. Separate coins based on condition.

If you want to streamline the appraisal process, it can be beneficial to separate your coins into groups based on condition. You should create one grouping for your high-quality coins.

These are coins that have aesthetic appeal, do not show visible signs of damage, and have maintained the crispness of their imagery over time. Substandard coins should be placed into a separate grouping to help make the appraisal process a little easier.

2. Authenticate coins prior to appraisal.

Before you have your valuable coins appraised, it can be beneficial to have these coins authenticated. Counterfeiting is a serious concern for most coin collectors, so an appraiser will want to see proof that the coins you are having appraised are genuine.

Having your coins inspected by a professional grading agency will ensure their authenticity and help you get the highest possible appraisal when trying to determine the value of the coins.

3. Find the right appraiser.

There are many different factors that can affect the overall value of a coin. Although appearance and condition do factor into the value, other characteristics like rarity and market demand can also affect the price.

To ensure that you are receiving a fair and accurate appraisal for the coins in your collection, you need to ensure you are utilizing the right appraiser. Look for a coin dealer who has been working within the coin industry for a number of years. These dealers will likely have the knowledge and experience needed to spot valuable coins and provide an accurate resale or insurance appraisal value. Some appraisers will also be more versed in certain types of coins.

Preparing for coin appraisals is critical when it comes to maximizing their value. If you want to ensure that your appraisal goes as smoothly as possible, take the time to separate coins in good condition from coins in bad condition, send your coins to a third party grader for authentication, and locate a dealer with significant experience working in the coin-collecting industry.


24 August 2017